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SUDOKU SMART is the best Sudoku game ever designed for for your Android phone and tablet.


• The world’s most advanced Sudoku game.
• Six beautifully designed colorful themes.
• Dark mode to protect your eyes
• Unlimited hints
• Unlimited puzzles
• Unlimited undo
• Pencil mode for your notes
• Auto error checking
• Four Challenging levels
• Easy – Medium – Hard – Expert
• Clean minimal modern style
• Sudoku Smart App crafted by a team of designers

SUDOKU SMART is a beautiful game designed for all levels from beginners to experts.

Take your favorite game with you wherever you go on your android device.

Playing Sudoku on your mobile or tablet is as good as playing with real pencil and paper.

SUDOKU SMART is the only Sudoku game you will never get tired of playing.

Clean smart minimal style that does not interfere in your enjoyment of the game. .

Electric pencil for your notes – no need for paper or pen.

Sudoku Smart – If you love Sudoku - You will love Sudoku Smart! - Try it Now!


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